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I would like to thank STC JAPAN The price was very reasonable and was lower than other exporter They provide me best freight rates and sales services Thankyou so much STC JAPAN of your hard work and effort ..WALEED   View All

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Honda Fit
$ 5700
Mileage: 97000 KM
1300 | Fit | Blue | petrol
Honda Accord
$ 5700
Mileage: 112000 KM
2000 | Accord | White | petrol
Toyota Noah
$ 4300
Mileage: 156000 KM
2000 | Noah | Silver | petrol
Toyota Alphard
$ 10500
Mileage: 90000 KM
3500 | Alphard | White | petrol
Subaru Impreza G4
$ 4500
Mileage: 101000 KM
1600 | IMPREZA | Silver | petrol
Honda Fit Hybrid
$ 4700
Mileage: 77000 KM
1500 | Fit | Silver | petrol
Nissan Juke
$ 4700
Mileage: 126000 KM
1500 | Juke | Red | petrol
Honda Integra
$ 7000
Mileage: 146000 KM
2000 | Integra | White | petrol
Honda CRV
$ 5400
Mileage: 137000 KM
2400 | CR-V | White | petrol
Toyota Aqua
$ 7400
Mileage: 67000 KM
1500 | Aqua | White | petrol
Nissan Cube
$ 1500
Mileage: 157000 KM
1500 | Cube | Blue | petrol
Nissan Cube
$ 1400
Mileage: 161000 KM
1500 | Cube | Grey | petrol
Toyota Voxy
$ 5700
Mileage: 98000 KM
2000 | Voxy | White | petrol
Toyota Wish
$ 6000
Mileage: 138000 KM
1800 | Wish | Silver | petrol
Toyota Voxy
$ 9400
Mileage: 110000 KM
2000 | Voxy | Black | petrol
Honda Integra
$ 7100
Mileage: 146000 KM
2000 | Integra | White | petrol
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Recently Listed Vehicles

Toyota Alphard
$ 22000
Mileage: 29000 KM
2400 | Alphard | White | petrol
Toyota Prado
$ 27500
Mileage: 67000 KM
2700 | Land Cruiser Prado | Black | petrol
Toyota Voxy
$ 5700
Mileage: 113000 KM
2000 | Voxy | White | petrol
Honda Fit
$ 5700
Mileage: 97000 KM
1300 | Fit | Blue | petrol
Toyota Land Cruiser ZX
$ 59000
Mileage: 12000 KM
4600 | Land Cruiser | White | petrol
Toyota Hilux
$ 36000
Mileage: 12000 KM
2400 | Hilux | Black | petrol
Honda Vezel
$ 14500
Mileage: 77000 KM
1500 | Vezel | White | petrol
Honda Accord
$ 2100
Mileage: 125000 KM
2000 | Accord | Silver | petrol

Low Budget Vehicles

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Commercial Vehicles

Misubishi Fuso
$ 9500
Mileage: 0 KM
6900cc | FUSO | White Pink | diesel
Misubishi Fuso
$ 19000
Mileage: 792000 KM
6900cc | FUSO | White | diesel
Misubishi Fuso
$ 30000
Mileage: 72600 KM
8200cc | FUSO | Skin | diesel
Misubishi Fuso
$ 70500
Mileage: 367000 KM
8200cc | FUSO | White | diesel
$ 38000
Mileage: 378000 KM
19000cc | Giga | Green | diesel
$ 25000
Mileage: 809330 KM
12000 | Ranger | Silver White | diesel
Hino Ranger
$ 30000
Mileage: 54500 KM
4700cc | Ranger | White | diesel
Hino Ranger
$ 19000
Mileage: 98000 KM
4700cc | Ranger | White | diesel
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Brand New Vehicles

Toyota Vitz F
$ 12800
Mileage: 3 KM
1500cc | Vitz | White | petrol
Nissan X-TRAlL
$ 24850
Mileage: 6 KM
2000cc | X-TRAIL | Black | petrol
Honda Vezel Z Hybrid
$ 23000
Mileage: 11 KM
1500cc | Vezel | White | petrol
Honda Vezel Z Hybrid
$ 22500
Mileage: 10 KM
1500cc | Vezel | Black | petrol
Toyota Aqua
$ 14700
Mileage: 8 KM
1500cc | Aqua | White | petrol
Toyota Prius S
$ 20000
Mileage: 2500 KM
1800cc | Prius | White | petrol
Toyota Hiace
$ 34000
Mileage: 7 KM
2800cc | Hiace | White | petrol
Toyota Allion
$ 13950
Mileage: 6500 KM
1500cc | Allion | White | petrol
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Popular Japanese Used Cars

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Latest Blogs

Exporter of Japanese Used Cars - STC Japan

Welcome to STC Japan - Japan's most trusted exporter of used and brand new Japanese cars. We offer huge stock of Non-Japanese and Japanese cars for sale at reasonable prices. Our stock consists of Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Audi, Mazda, BMW, Honda and all the other major Japanese and non-Japanese brands upon the demand to fulfill customer's request.

Our professional staff is always there to help you find your dream car at the exact price you can plan and afford. Japan based company was established in 1997, exporting Japanese cars and machinery for over 20 years around the globe with over a million satisfied customers from Africa to Europe. We take pride in the quality of our Japanese used cars.

We are an active member of major Japanese car auctions, selecting the right car for the right customer and our 100% professional technical staff takes care of the quality. We have been exporting the quality Japanese cars to more than 150 countries around the world. We deal in all type of Japanese vehicles including Sedans, Hatchbacks, SUVs, Vans, Wagons, Buses and Trucks. All the Japanese used vehicles we deliver are 100% checked 3 times before shipment

Our energetic staff is always looking for your inquiry for 24/7/365 Customer Support via Live Chat, Skype, phones, and emails.

Just work with us and feel the difference

High Quality Japanese Used Cars

Easy Online Car Search

STC Japan is the best online site to search for Japanese used cars. We've got all the popular Japanese cars that we're sure you will find your dream used vehicle at your price. Our used vehicle search system let's you select the make and model, price range & let's you track your car while it's in shipping. You are just one step away from your dream Japanese used car from STC Japan. It has been decades, we have bee shipping quality Japanese used cars, there are no two cars of same quality, as we complete our inspection & finishing process to make it a dream Japanese used car for our loved customers. 1000s of customers from Jamaica, Kenya, Bahamas, Cayman Island, Ireland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Cyprus, UK & Pakistan have submitted their positive reviews with us. We love to send the Japanese vehicles with joy of delivering one of best in the world.

100% Customer Satisfaction

STC Japan has been exporting Japanese used cars to all customers globally. Our core point is customer's satisfaction during all the way of purchasing Japanese vehicles from us & it comes the quality of Japanese used vehicles. We have the perfect team of professionals who inspect the condition of all Japanese used cars and workshop does the rest with maintaining the Japanese vehicles so that it is fresh mechanically and is shiny and clean. We are proud to offer the fastest shipping to any country as compare to other Japanese car exporters cause our shipping lines are the fastest. We have witnessed the customer excitement when receiving the Japanese used vehicles at their port, and it eventually satisfies our hard work.

Low Prices for The Best Quality

We go to the auction, choose a good vehicle & physically inspect the Japanese used cars to make sure it's durability and long life. We never compromise on selecting the high quality Japanese used vehicles. We only choose the Japanese cars that we would like to drive ourself. Our past record has been phenominal as we have chosen the best of the bests Japanese used cars, and many times we never give up bidding the higher price for those great cars, so our complete stock is based on high quality selection. So, how come we offer great Japanese cars at lowest prices? To cut down the prices to make it affordable for our customers, we do rest of the refurbishing work at our workshop and it enables us to sell that Japanese car and very low prices for the best quality.

Step by Step Guide to Import Japanese Used Cars from Japan

STC Japan offers fastest Japanese used cars delivery to your country. Importing cars directly from Japan is considered a popular way of acquiring your dream vehicle. We have put together a simple guide to import vehicles step by step.

Step 1: Browse through our Stock

Select the right japanese used car. You can also avail from our Advance Search function at the top. Look out for your requirements and preferences.

You can select any japanese car from our stock here:

Toyota | BMW | Mercedes | Audi | Honda | Suzuki | Mitsubishi | Nissan | Volvo | Land Rover or Volkswagen

Step 2: Ordering the Japanese Used Car

Click "Get Quote" button to inquire for it. Fill out the form with all accurate details. One of our professional sales staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We will guide you to the Total Cost of the vehicle including Shipping.

Please make sure to mention your currency & shipping type to get the freight rate. Its added in the FOB price.

Step 3: Payment Process

Once confirmed, we will send you the Proforma invoice and you can pay the amount by Wire Transfer (Bank Transfer) the recommended method to import vehicles from Japan.

Step 4: Shipment

We are proud to offer fastest shipping all over the world. You should receive your shipping information & documentation and prepare to receive your japanese used cars. In the meantime, our customer support will always be in touch with you.

You should receive the Export Certificate, Customs Invoice, Bill of Lading (BOL) & all the other documents depending on your countrys regulations.

You can also login to your My Account page to track your shipment.

Step 5: Custom Clearance

Kindly contact your local Customs office or clearing agent to make clearing procedures, or we can also provide you the service of clearing your car with our own agency.

Drive & Enjoy your dream Japanese used vehicle. Here's the Picture how you can import Japanese used cars from Japan

Import Japanese Used Cars from Japan