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Volkswagen Beetle

$ 1400

Mileage : 71000 KM   
Silver | VW | 1600cc CC   

Volkswagen Beetle

$ 1850

Mileage : 78000 KM   
Silver | VW | 2000cc CC   

Volkswagen GTI

$ 8500

Mileage : 70000 KM   
Black | GOLF | 2000cc CC   

Volkswagen GTI

$ 11600

Mileage : 66000 KM   
White | GOLF | 2000cc CC   

Volkswagen TOURAN

$ 2400

Mileage : 67000 KM   
Black | GOLF | 1400cc CC   

Volkswagen WAGON

$ 1400

Mileage : 48000 KM   
Silver | GOLF | 2000cc CC   

Volkswagen Golf

$ 18500

Mileage : 2 KM   
White | GOLF | 1400 CC   

Volkswagen Golf

$ 3600

Mileage : 54000 KM   
Black | GOLF | 1200cc CC   

Volkswagen GOLF

$ 6900

Mileage : 59000 KM   
Silver | GOLF | 1200cc CC   

Volkswagen High Line

$ 22000

Mileage : 214 KM   
Black | GOLF | 1400Cc CC   


People’s car or the Volkswagen

Volkswagen Vehicles are the flagship brand vehicles of Volkswagen Group who were the largest automaker by worldwide sales in 2016 according to sources. The German brand is very popular among people around the globe. STC Japan offers the best price and readily available stock of vehicles for Volkswagen Cars which are available with us in all models categorized as sedan, family car, compact sports car (including R models), SUV, GTI models, GTE models and e-models. We import to various countries that allow import of used & new vehicles from Japan like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Malawi, Uganda, Congo and South Africa, to new few of such countries.

Volkswagen Cars from Japan imported through STC Japan is an easy process being customer centric. You have variety of vehicles to choose from and also available is the convenience to select from our website coupled with support available from our staff 24/7/365. We have experience of over twenty years translating to millions of satisfied customers and counting. In addition to the cars being available at reasonable prices for customers, quality is our hallmark and distinction. Our professional technical staff systematically checks the quality of vehicle before its shipment– the same holds true for Japanese Volkswagen Cars i.e. these cars imported from STC Japan. Volkswagen Cars Japan are procured by us from sources like auctions. We offer quick shipment time. Our services and assistance is available for customers right from start of the process till the very end ensuring that during the course the customer requirements are met throughout the process.