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Isuzu Forward Dump Truck

$ 22400

Mileage : 290000 KM
White | Forward | 7200CC    QR Code

Mitsubishi Canter

$ 13500

Mileage : 210000 KM
White | Canter | 3000cc    QR Code

Isuzu Forward Dump Truck

$ 23000

Mileage : 300000 KM
White | Forward | 5200CC    QR Code

Isuzu Elf

$ 8500

Mileage : 128000 KM
White | Elf | 4800cc   

Isuzu Forward Dump Truck

$ 25000

Mileage : 153000 KM
White | Forward | 7200    QR Code

Isuzu Forward Dump Truck

$ 17300

Mileage : 144000 KM
White | Forward | 7200    QR Code

Isuzu Forward Dump Truck

$ 18200

Mileage : 151000 KM
White | Forward | 7200    QR Code

Isuzu Forward

$ 15200

Mileage : 340000 KM
White | Forward | 5200   

Isuzu Elf Crane Truck

$ 23000

Mileage : 313000 KM
White | Elf | 3000   

Isuzu Elf

$ 12700

Mileage : 192000 KM
White | Elf | 4800   

Hino Ranger Dump Truck

$ 21000

Mileage : 131000 KM
White | Ranger | 6400   

Isuzu Forward Dump

$ 16900

Mileage : 131000 KM
White | Forward | 7200   


Customized trucks to take care of sensitive stock

STC Japan has a numerous variety of trucks and each one has different features. Japanese commercial trucks are one of the most sought-after and has good demand from our customers from the countries including Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania. Freezer truck from Japan are has maintained its customer base since beginning. This type of truck is mostly used for in-transit stock that requires some form of temperature to be maintained. One of such stock is medicine since some of the medicines requires maintenance of strict levels of temperature. These include the lifesaving medicines which if not kept within certain temperature range will result in spoilage. These medicines are ranked in the category of “High-value” items in the inventory aging report of medicine companies. If they are spoiled during in transit, a significant loss will incur since they are written off during the year & ultimately affects the profit for the year. Some of the popular Freezer Trucks are Hino Ranger, Mitsubishi Canter, Isuzu ELF and Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter to name a few.

Heavy truck from Japan is ordered frequently from our esteemed users present in Botswana, Malawi, Uganda, Congo and South Africa.Trucks from Japan are usually takes weeks of delivery time. Few popular Heavy Trucks are Isuzu Giga, Mazda Titan, Toyota Dyna, Hino Profia and Mitsubishi FU Super Great. However, STC Japan is occupied with a very brisk and effective supply chain department. The employees are always efficient and provide good and courteous customer services. The person receiving the order through email or phone enters the details of the order in the system. We are also planning to implement a customized enterprise resource planning system which will add value to our already well-established supply chain. Our quality of Japanese vehicles have always been admired by individual & corporate customers alike.