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Mitsubishi Canter

$ 13500

Mileage : 210000 KM   
White | Canter | 3000cc    QR Code

Mitsubishi Canter

$ 7900

Mileage : 229000 KM   
White | Canter | 3000    QR Code

Mitsubishi Canter Water Tanker

$ 14700

Mileage : 95000 KM   
White | Canter | 4900    QR Code

Mitsubishi Canter

$ 10700

Mileage : 363000 KM   
White | Canter | 3000    QR Code

Mitsubishi Lancer

$ 15700

Mileage : 113000 KM   
White | NULL | 2000    QR Code

Mitsubishi Mirage

$ 2300

Mileage : 79000 KM   
White | NULL | 1200    QR Code

Mitsubishi Canter Crane

$ 14150

Mileage : 475000 KM   
White | Canter | 5000    QR Code

Mitsubishi Outlander

$ 23500

Mileage : 8 KM   
Silver | Outlander | 2000Cc    QR Code

Mitsubishi Pajero

$ 6100

Mileage : 95000 KM   
White | Pajero | 3000Cc    QR Code

Mitsubishi Rosa

$ 8450

Mileage : 158000 KM   
White | Rosa | 5200cc    QR Code

Mitsubishi Colt

$ 1900

Mileage : 95000 KM   
Silver | Colt | 1300cc    QR Code

Mitsubishi Canter

$ 4300

Mileage : 155000 KM   
White | Canter | 2800cc    QR Code


Brand new day with Mitsubishi vehicle

Mitsubishi a trusted name for Japanese vehicles for years providing various vehicle models popular in this era. Mitsubishi Vehicles are available in various models like evergreen Mitsubishi Pajero to Lancer to electric cars and the like.

At STC Japan we offer customers due to over twenty years rich experience the best possible solution for them which is the best in terms of customer convenience, lowest price, ease in shipment process, least time taken in shipment, through quality checking and round the clock availability of our energetic staff to guide over phone, emails, Skype and live chat. We are the best exporters of Japanese vehicles to various countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Malawi, Uganda, Congo and South Africa. Japanese Mitsubishi vehicles are popular vehicles are like Mitsubishi Pajero, Mitsubishi Outlander, Mitsubishi Rosa, Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter, Mitsubishi FUin various countries and to cater this need we are here to assist you in fulfilling your desire.

We have readily available stock of Mitsubishi cars of all popular models and Mitsubishi Cars is no exception. Japanese Cars from Japan through STC Japan gives you the added and comfort of ease, best price and lowest shipment time. Mitsubishi Cars Japan are truly a great companion for you especially with it comes with the quality testing of Mitsubishi used cars directly performed by STC Japan itself. Just connect with us and feel the difference in customer service that we offer. Our customers (millions in number) and counting appreciate our reasonable prices, assistance during the shipment process including but not limited to the freight matters, customs handling (if not performed by customer itself) provided by our recommended agents – all leading to utmost customer satisfaction.