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How to Import

Procedure to import your own car

Step 1 Select your vehicle
You can select any car from our one stop service of live auction. Just click the live auction page and start browsing.

Step 2 Bid
Once you have decided which vehicle you want, we will give you the estimate cost. Once we have decided upon it we will bid the car you want. (Before we bid a small token is required which is refundable if we are unable to win the bid)

Step 3 How to Make Payment
You can make the payment through cheque, payorder or cash. If you are sending the money to japan we will provide you with our registered bank account and you can make a deposit. All the payments will be recorded.

Step 4 Track Your Shipment
You will be given the details about the booking of your shipment and other shipping information shall be mailed to you.
To confirm your Departure and Arrival date, please log in to your account and go to “My Accounts” page for further information.
After we ship your car to your port, the necessary original documents will be sent to you by DHL carrier.
Kindly arrange to receive your car at your Port of Destination.
Important Documents – The documents required to receive your car
Export Certificate: The original Export Certificate (Japanese)
English Export Certificate (translation is provided On Demand)
Customs Invoice: This document is for your local customs department for the verification of the value of your vehicle.
Bill of Lading (BOL): You require Bill of Lading (BL) in order to receive your vehicle at the Port of Destination (POD).
Other documents may be required according to the Law in your country. Kindly provide our sales representatives for additional documents if needed.

Step 5 Complete Customs Clearance
Kindly contact your local Customs office or clearing agent to make clearing procedures, or we can also provide you the service of clearing your car with our own agency.

Step 6 Drive Away in your Dream Car!
Drive and Enjoy your car.