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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX

$ 29300

Mileage : 55000 KM
Black | Prado | 2700CC    QR Code

Honda CR-V

$ 8250

Mileage : 117000 KM
Black | CR-V | 2000cc    QR Code

Honda Vezel

$ 35000

Mileage : 45 KM
White | Vezel | 1500cc    QR Code

Subaru Forester

$ 11690

Mileage : 89000 KM
White | Forester | 2000cc    QR Code

Nissan Juke

$ 4300

Mileage : 83000 KM
Bronze | Juke | 1500cc    QR Code

Nissan Juke

$ 4300

Mileage : 51000 KM
Wine | Juke | 1500cc    QR Code

Honda CR-V

$ 8200

Mileage : 118000 KM
White | CR-V | 2000cc    QR Code

Mazda CX-5

$ 8990

Mileage : 78000 KM
White | CX-5 | 2000cc    QR Code

Mazda CX-5

$ 13500

Mileage : 110000 KM
Red | CX-5 | 2000cc    QR Code

Toyota Rush

$ 8500

Mileage : 100000 KM
Bronze | Rush | 1500cc    QR Code

Toyota Land Cruiser

$ 45500

Mileage : 35000 KM
White | Land Cruiser | 4600cc    QR Code

Nissan X-TRAIL

$ 11200

Mileage : 40000 KM
Khaki | X-TRAIL | 2000cc    QR Code


4WD vehicles within your easy reach

Commute with a statement of strength is your slogan then it means you are interested in 4WD vehicles as these vehicles may not only be lifestyle choice for certain persons these also enable drive in difficult off-road conditions and with large family. Japanese 4WD vehicles are considered at top level around the world as Japanese carmakers have history of success in launching and selling in high number this type of vehicles. Toyota 4WD vehicles offer you a range of such vehicles to choose from and then there are the evergreen Japanese options like Toyota Hilux Surf, Mitsubishi Pajero, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota Land Cruiser AXand Suzuki Escudo just to name a couple for example.

STC Japan takes your hunt for a 4WD from Japan to a next level – a route that will make owning such vehicle practical for you. We, STC Japan, the best exporter having over twenty years of experience providing optimum service of our customers as can be vouched from our previous millions of satisfied customers across the globe. While you reside in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Malawi, Uganda, Congo, South Africa or other such African countries, STC Japan allows you to import the Japanese vehicles of your choice in a smooth and convenient fashion. Our dedicated staff is available over phone, emails, live chat and Skype to guide you throughout the process. Our prices are regarded by our customers as not just reasonable but also the lowest. Our technical team gives you the quality assurance through their testing before shipment. We have readily available stock. So let’s connect to take the matters forward.