Japanese Used Car Regulations for Cayman Island

Japanese Used Car Regulations for Cayman Island

Japan has long been the biggest exporter of used cars across the globe to both developing and developed countries. It offers used cars with qualities and vast options at reasonable prices. Japanese used cars maintain this popularity mainly because of high maintenance, reliability and economy.

Likewise Japanese used vehicles are also being exported to Cayman Island extensively, which is located in the western Caribbean Sea. It uses George Town as its major port of discharge

The listed information will be helpful for our customers while importing Japanese used vehicles,

  • Method of Shipping: RORO
  • Time of Shipment: 30-36 Days
  • Vessel Schedule: Once a month or sometimes twice a month
  • Year Restriction: No Age Restriction
  • Inspection: No Inspection required
  • Right hand drive vehicle

Japanese Cars Cayman Island

Now we would like to provide our customer with information regarding the required documents, customs duties and the restrictions.


  1. Origin Certificate
  2. Original B/L Copies (1st& 2nd)
  3. Invoice

Georgetown Cayman Island Cars


  1. Motor cars (CIF or CNF)
  2. Up to $20,000.00 5%
  3. Between $20,001 – $25,000 30%
  4. Between $25,001 – $30,000 35%
  5. More than $30,000 40%

Import Cars to Cayman Island

  1. Vehicles to transport handicapped persons, not for commercial purposes: Free
  2. Vehicles for the transport of goods, special purpose vehicles 5%
  3. Motor cycles
    1. Up to 90 cc 30%
    2. Over 90 cc 35%
  4. Agricultural tractors and accessories thereto for agricultural work only Free




  • To import a motor vehicle which is constructed for the carriage of more than nine persons excluding the driver, permission of the Governor or Public Transportation Board is required. The passenger door should open on the left hand side of the vehicle.
  • Importation of Double-decker omnibus is not allowed in the country.
  • It is not allowed to use a motorcycle in combination with a sidecar and no sidecar may be imported into the Islands.
  • It is not allowed to import the motor vehicle trade as “moke” or “mini-moke” or any other similar vehicle mainly known as a “beach buggy” or “dune buggy”. Without the permission of the Governor it is not allowed to import or use parts of such vehicles in the Island

Cayman Island Happy Customer

We have provided this information to the best of our knowledge; the information might differ in some cases. Please check before importing your desired Japanese used vehicle. STC JAPAN will not be responsible for any dis information.