Import Isuzu ELF Trucks from Japan

Import Isuzu ELF Trucks from Japan

If we overview the automobile industry, Japanese used vehicles have a strong reputation across the globe. Not only Japanese used vehicles but also Japanese trucks are famous across the used vehicle industry. Japanese commercial vehicle especially Japanese trucks are acknowledge for their quality and performance Most Japanese brands have a strong market share in the commercial category also, like Hino in Philippines, Isuzu in Africa and so on.

Isuzu Elf was introduced by Isuzu from 1970 since then Isuzu Elf has maintained No 1 market share for more than 30 years. It is available in multiple sized ranging from 1.5 Ton- 6.0 Tons with availability of multiple chassis such as NKR81, NLR77, NMR85, and QKR77 and so on. It available in 2WD, 4WD and 6WD. As well as there is a Wide range of model to select from such as Flat Low Cargo Trucks, Passenger Van, Aluminum Van, Refrigerated Van, Dump Truck, and Fire Truck, Tank truck etc.

First Generation (1959 to 1965)

The first generation Isuzu elf 2-tonne was introduced in August 1959. It was available in 1.5L (1491cc) GL 150 petrol engine with 60 PS.In 1960 2.0L diesel engine was introduced. In 1962the engine was updated. In 1964 the long wheel standard version introduced and the engine was also updated in 2.2L C220 with 62ps.The headlight redesigned in 1965.

Second Generation (1967 to 1970)

In august 1967 the new Elf light duty truck introduced with 1.25-tonne. It had one rounded headlight.It comes with the 1471cc G150 engine. This model was replaced first generation variant.After this Elf high roof introduced. In 1969 the light elf was upgraded in 1.5-tonne with a powerful 1.6L engine (G161AB). Elf 2-tonne updated in 3.5-tonne for heavier duty.

Third Generation

The first third Generation IzuzuElf Introduced in 1975 with 150 10ft and 150 14ft variant. In 1979 3.3L engine (4BC1) was introduced with 2-tonne and it called Elf 250 Super, elf 150 version was also called Elf 150 super with 2.4L and 2.8L engine. Elf 150 14ft and 250 heavier duty replaced second generation variants.

Fourth Generation
The fourth generationIzuzuz Elf appeared in 1984. Elf was most demanded truck and export widely and also manufactured in different countries. In 1986 the heavier duty 220ps (165KW) 8.4 liter was introduced. In 1987 the 16ft heavier version widely export and replaced the third generation variants. It has come with the dual transmission with 3.9L turbo diesel engine and the four wheel drivewas introduced.

Fifth Generation
The fifth generation Elf was introduced in 1993 with the new design of headlights. It come with 2.8L engine 150 10ft and 150 14ft, elf 250 with 3.6L. In 1995 it was a minor changed and updated.The H series 4.0L and 4.3L also in production.

Six Generation
Six generation Elf was introduced in 2006 in regular cab, wide cab and high cab. The 5th generation Elf was retired and the 6th generation elf N series was replaced it. The low cab forward was reintroduced. In North America GM sold the large quantities of N series until 2009. Six generation Elf was widely export and the series is the most popular series all the time.