Import Regulations to Import Cars to Cyprus

Import Regulations to Import Cars to Cyprus

Japan has long been the biggest exporter of used vehicle across the globe to both developing and developed countries. Japanese used vehicles offer qualities and vast options at reasonable prices. Japanese used vehicle maintain this popularity mainly because of high maintenance, reliability and economy.  These are few reasons that make Japanese used vehicles popular across the globe hence they are exported in large numbers across the globe.  This market comprises from cheap used vehicle, luxury vehicle to brand new vehicles. Japanese used vehicle are famous across all continents of the world, be it Africa, Asia or Europe.

Import Vehicles to Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country located in Eastern Mediterranean sharing borders with Turkey, Syria, Greece etc.  It is the third largest and populous island in the Mediterranean. Being a populous country it also attracts the local dealers in Japan. It has grown its reputation in importing used Japanese vehicle.

Japanese Used Cars Cyprus

It uses Larnaca and Limassol as its port of discharge.

The listed information will be helpful for our customers while importing Japanese used cars, 

  • Method of Shipping: Preferably RORO
  • Time of Shipment: 26-36 Days
  • Vessel Schedule: Once a month or sometimes twice a month
  • Year Restriction: Less than 5 years old
  • Inspection: No Inspection required
  • Vehicle more than 4 years old might need road worthiness test
  • Right hand drive vehicle/ Left hand vehicle under certain regulation.

Japanese Vehicles Cyprus

Required Documents

  • Export certificate (FROM JAPAN)
  • Original Bill of Lading (FROM JAPAN)
  • Commercial Invoice (FROM JAPAN)
  • Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) certificate (LOCAL AUTHORITIES)
  • Road Worthiness Certificate (LOCAL AUTHORITIES)
  • CO2 emissions Certificate issued by District Vehicle Examination Center of the Road Transport Department (R.T.D.) (LOCAL AUTHORITIES)


  • Import Duty: 10 to 22% of CIF + Engine Capacity Tax
  • VAT: 19% of CIF + Import Duty + Excise Duty
  • Excise Duty:
  • Vehicles with CO2 emissions up to 120 gr/kmNo duty is applied.
  • Vehicles with CO2 emissions over 120 gr/km up to 150 gr/km: €25 per gr/km of CO2 emissions exceeding 120 gr/km.>
  • Vehicles with CO2 emissions over 150 gr/km up to 180 gr/km: €750 fixed amount plus €50 per gr/km of CO2 emissions exceeding 150 gr/km and up to 180 gr/km
  • Vehicles with CO2 emissions over 180 gr/km: €2250 fixed amount plus €400 per gr/km of CO2 emissions over 180 gr/km

Import Cars to Cyprus from Japan

Vehicles such as trucks (pick-ups), buses, vehicles with loading capacity of 9 or more people and electric vehicles are not subject to excise duty.

We have provided this information to the best of our knowledge; the information might differ in some cases. Please check before importing your desired Japanese used vehicle. STC JAPAN will not be responsible for any dis information.

Used Cars Cyprus

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