Famous Japanese Used Cars for Bahamas

Famous Japanese Used Cars for Bahamas

Japanese used vehicles had been reaching the hearts of customers from decades through their performance, class and economy.  Japanese used vehicles come with affordable prices while offering great option including latest technologies, fuel economy and easy maintenance.  These are few reason that make Japanese used vehicles popular across the globe hence they are exported in large numbers across the globe.

Japanese Used Vehicles for Bahamas

Bahamas which is located within Lucayan Archipeloga is also a large importer of Japanese used vehicles.Local used car dealers have now focused more on importing the Japanese used vehicles then dealing in local market.  With an increase in demand of Japanese vehicles there had also been an increase in Local used car Dealers.

Japanese Cars for Bahamas

STC JAPAN has been exporting Japanese used vehicles across the globe for the past 20 years and has been providing its services to Bahamas market also, especially catering the local used car dealers while providing special deals to them.

Import Cars in Bahamas

We would like to highlight some of the famous Japanese used vehicle currently been exported to Bahamas. As the country import policy allows only 10 years old or above vehicle, our recommendations are mainly for 2009-2010 models.

The list is no particular order

  1. Nissan Note

Since its launch from 2006, Nissan Note has positioned itself in the market as an alternative to the conventional sedan cars, it offers a good passenger room accompanied with a reasonable luggage room.  As from 2009 Nissan note has been face lifted providing tweaked exterior and better engine performance.

You can choose Nissan note from our stock and get it delivered to your port. With all these option Nissan note price starts from a mere USD 1,200.

  1. Suzuki Swift

After the re-launch of Suzuki Swift in 2005 it has gained a lot of popularity. The car came with a distinctive face and an expressive back with roof integrating with the spoiler. It also offers economies of scale to its customer with Suzuki offering the spares at quite reasonable prices. The fuel economy is also very good, while Suzuki offer 1.6 liters to customers who look for a faster option.

Suzuki swift also comes with quite a reasonable price starting from 2000 USD,

  1. Honda CR-V

This car should be on top of the list for customer seeking utility and security at a reasonable price. Completely re designed in 2007, this model comes with a compact exterior and a very roomy interior. It offer 2.4 Liters 4 cylinder engine only, but it’s quite adequate for the vehicle size, also providing admirable fuel efficiency.

With all the options available and featuring in SUV category we would say that Honda CR-V s by far most reasonable priced vehicle. It pricing starts from USD 5,000 only, and STC JAPAN has a large stock to select from.


  1. Nissan Cube

Nissan Cube offers a host of advanced safety features, a roomy five-passenger interior, an impressive standard equipment list and a pack of high-end options and accessories. Possibly the most striking part Nissan Cube is blocky vehicle design that helps Cube stand apart from the smoothly styled economy wagons out there.

It also comes with quite a reasonable pricing starting from USD 1,500 and readily available in our stock

  1. Toyota BB

This vehicle is also famous for its unique design, made in collaboration with Daihatsu and Scion, Toyota BB is quite popular across the globe.  The ride is quite spacious and can be used for multiple needs.  It comes in 1.3 & 1.5 Liters but mainly 1.5 being the most sold one because its suites the size of the body well.

Likewise Toyota BB Is also quite affordable and comes in range of most of our customer starting from only 1,000 USD.

We hope that we were able to guide our customers and help them in their next purchase.

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