Import procedure to import a car from Japan to Jamaica

Import procedure to import a car from Japan to Jamaica

Jamaica  is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea. Spanning 10,990 square kilometers (4,240 sq mi) in area, it is the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles and the fourth-largest island country in the Caribbean. Jamaica lies about 145 kilometers (90 mi) south of Cuba, and 191 kilometers west of Hispaniola (the island containing the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic).

Due to the increase in the population and GDP over the past few years, there has been increase in the demand for cars in that region. So mostly people in Jamaica prefer to import car from Japan, because of their price efficiency, fuel economy and durability. Japanese used car sales have increase in that region in past few year.

STC Japan is one of the oldest exporter of Japanese Used Cars and is serving its customers over the past 25 years. Our best sales team will guide you to buy the best car in your budget and customer support will assist you till you receive your car in Jamaica.

Import regulations to import a car in Jamaica are :


⚫ Age limit max 5 year.

⚫ Thus Jamaica is right hand drive Market.

⚫ No road Worthiness inspection is required before shipment.


⚫ Import duty 10-40%,vary depending upon the commodity being imported.

⚫ (GCT):It is applicable on all item except for zero-rated and Exempted items.Current rate: 17.5% on used vehicles.

⚫ (SCT):It is applicable to only some petroleum products.SCT rate vary depending on the item.

⚫ (CET):The rate of (CET) varies depending on the vehicle being imported. Current CET: 20% on Cars
and pickup whereas for Truks,Vans and Buses CET is 100%.

⚫ (ENVL):This will applicable on all item that will have an impact


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